FINA 2009 World Championships

Synchronised swimming events 18 to 25 July 2009

FINA 2009 World Championships Synchronised Swimming Day 8

Team Free Final

Russia won its sixth gold, once more beating Spain and China, who took away silver and bronze. Russia totalled of 99.167 (including two perfect ‘10’s), with Spain (in their "skeleton" swimsuits depicting human bones) second in 98.167. One point also separated the silver from the bronze, conquered by an inspired Chinese team (97.167).

The British Gas Synchro team capped off one of the most successful performances from a British Synchro team at a World Championships with a top 10 finish. The team of eight swimmers completed a Native American inspired routine that included sit lifts and highlights throughout the programme.

FINA 2009 World Championships Synchronised Swimming Day 7

Duet Free Final and Team Free Preliminaries

Russia earned their fifth gold medal with victory by Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina in the Duet Free(98.833) who again finished just ahead of the Spanish pair of Andrea Fuentes and Gemma Mengual (98.333). In third were the Chinese twins Tingting and Wenwen Jiang with a score of 97.000.

The British Gas Synchronised Swimmers Jenna Randall and Olivia Allison impressed as they finished tenth in the world after a strong performance. The Olympians had reached the final with a score of 89.833 and were ranked in tenth place. They took to their final with confidence and as they began their routine they looked impressive through their first figure.

Randall and Allison finished in eleventh place in the Duet Technical final and were aiming for a stronger finish in their stronger routine. They scored well in the final with scores of 9s across the board for their artistic impression and only scored an 8 in the Technical Merit. They finished in tenth place overall with a score of 90.667.

FINA 2009 World Championships Synchronised Swimming Day 6

Solo Free Final and Duet Free Preliminaries

Natalia Ishchenko gave Russia its fourth gold medal in the synchronised swimming competitions in Rome by winning the Solo Free event. Ishchenko got the first perfect ‘10’ of the championships and finished her final with a total of 98.833, half a point more than Gemma Mengual (98.333) who thanked the Italian public during the Press Conference for the support she received from the stands: “For me, it’s like I have won the gold medal,” confessed Mengual “We have tried everything, but we still couldn’t manage to get the gold. We have displayed some new ideas on a technical and artistic point of view, but the marks did not follow our effort,” commented the Spanish head coach Anna Tarres.

British Gas Synchronised Swimmer Jenna Randall performed well in her World Championship final and finished a strong ninth with 89.167. Randall, who has competed in every British synchro event so far in the week, continued to shine with an impressive routine.

FINA 2009 World Championships Synchronised Swimming Day 5

Free Combination Final and Solo Technical Preliminaries

The British Gas Free Combination team sealed seventh place in a final won by Spain that saw the Brits finish above Brazil. The British team impressed with their Astrological inspired routine and they showed increased intensity from their prelim the day before.

Olympians Jenna Randall and Olivia Allison performed the duet section to the routine and the acrobatic moves work out well and meant the girls scored well with a final mark of 89.334.

"Going into the final we had a number of things that we had to work on and correct and they all worked out well,” Lauren Smith said. “We all pushed it a little bit more than the prelim because for many of us this was our first World Championship final. The highlights of the routine worked well and it felt really good out there today."

USA did not take part in the Free Combination event.

FINA 2009 World Championships Synchronised Swimming Day 4

Duet Technical Final anf Free Combination Preliminaries

The British Gas Synchro Duet impressed with an eleventh finish in Rome after finishing above the USA for the first time ever at a World Championships. Jenna Randall and Olivia Allison took on board the list of corrections from the performance in the prelim and worked throughout their routine to make sure they kept the same high marks from the previous day.

Allison had a problem with one of her spins during the preliminary but today showed her strength to come back and correct the error. The Olympic Duet impressed with increased intensity to their performance and finished in eleventh place with a score of 89.166.

"That was a lot better than yesterday," Allison said. "It was a calmer performance from both of us and yesterday we were quite nervous. It was a lot better and we were more in control. It is really good to come back to the World Championships and to move up nine places in two years which shows our improvement which is great."

FINA 2009 World Championships Synchronised Swimming Day 3

Solo Technical - Final and Duet Technical - Preliminaries

Russian Natalia Ishchenko's total of 98.667 won her a seventh gold medal (and ninth overall award) in this competition, leaving Gemma Mengual (ESP, 97.833in second place and Canada’s Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon (96.000) third.

On her prospects for more gold to come, Ishchenko commented: "We don’t think in advance in the number of gold medals. We swim every event as such and we try our best". Spanish champion Mengual is keen to hear her national played: "I hope that in the five events still to come, we can touch the gold once or twice".

British Gas Synchronised Swimmer Jenna Randall performed well in her first World Championship final and moved up eleven places in the world rankings in the Solo Technical programme. Randall looked to improve on her performance the day before and looked confident as she took her starting position.

From the moment she dived into the water she looked to have worked on her corrections from her preliminary performance and she finished the routine with increased strength as she showed her improved stamina. The Olympian finished in eighth place with scores of 9s across the board for Artistic Impression and took a total of 90.166 – just 0.2 points behind Greece who finished in seventh place.

FINA 2009 World Championships Synchronised Swimming Day 2

Team Technical Final

The Team Technical event saw not only marks between 9.8 and 9.9 and the expected victory for a young Russian team (98.833) but a surprise fifth place finish for Japan (95.167) who have always enjoyed podium success since 1973. Spain finished runners-up, scoring from 9.7 to 9.9, for a total of 97.833. China took bronze with 96.667 with six of the eight that competed at the Water Cube in Beijing. Canada were fourth with 95.833.

Andrea Fuentes from Spain felt that the gap between Spain and Russia is reducing: "We know that the Russians are very strong technically, but we saw today that we are getting closer. It will be a very interesting duel in the free final."

Solo Technical Preliminaries
Jenna Randall showed her true potential on the world stage as she finished in eighth place in the Solo Technical preliminary and secured her chance to compete in her first World Championship final. The British Gas Synchronised Swimmer hasn’t competed in the Solo event since the European Championships last year and she took to the podium with confidence and grace.

FINA 2009 World Championships Synchronised Swimming Day 1

The British Gas Synchronised Swimming team started their World Championships with the team technical event and although they performed well they missed out on their final place, finishing with 84.666 points for 15th place out of 17.

They took to the water with confidence even though six out of the eight swimmers were making their World Championship debut and they began the routine well. The swimmers showed their improved height out of the water and their fitness carried them through the routine. The team lost some marks after one of the athletes missed one of the arm movements in a key figure but they proved their stamina by finishing the performance well.

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