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Get set for Swim 21 with guidence forms, education links and more.

A parent and swimmer’s guide to swim21 accreditation

Download this useful leaflet which covers questions such as "What is swim21 accreditation" and "Why should I look for a swim21 club?"

Registration form to start the swim21 Accreditation process.

To register your organisation for swim21, download and send this completed registration form to your County Swimming Coordinator.

Click for South West CSC contact details (also available on

Your club will then be formally included into the swim21 Accreditation programme. You will receive your swim21 Audit Pack and be able to begin the swim21 Accreditation process.


Swim 21 resources

swim21 Clubmark changes to Sports Equity implementation

Clubmark has reviewed the way Sports Equity is implemented and documented within the accreditation process in consultation with licensed National Governing Bodies and County Sports Partnerships. The aim of the review is to ensure clubs are accessible and inclusive and to further assist with the recruitment and retention of members from all sections of the community.

In relation to swim21 the changes are summarised as follows:

Good Club Guides available online

The ASA have written a new set of user friendly and practical resources available for free for all clubs from the website.

The Good Club Guides are designed specifically for volunteers, to assist clubs in providing opportunities for all to achieve their potential.

The purpose of the Good Club Guides is to give direction to volunteers and clubs in good practice relating to quality club management in order to support the needs and value the volunteers who contribute their time.

The resources available are:

Improvement Plan Guidance

An Improvement Plan is a document that can help you put your vision for the future development of the club into practice. It states what you want to do, and how you’re going to do it.

Compliance Improvement Plan - Poor Standard

Swim 21 Improvement Plan – A Poor Standard of Some Sample Content

Compliance Improvement Plan - Good Standard

Swim 21 Improvement Plan – A Good Example of Some Sample Content

Licensing and Swim 21

There are 3 factors regarding Licensing and the Swim 21 Accreditation programme that has led to the belief that a procedure for Swim 21 and Licensing is required:

  • The new Swim 21 programme, launched in April 2006, refers to Teachers and Coaches throughout the modules, as being ‘licensed’.
  • Since the introduction of the ASA Licensing scheme, there has been no minimum operating guidelines for Swim 21, stipulating who within a Swim 21 club should gain a license and how this is evidenced.
  • Since no guidelines have been in place, the dependency of a coach license to achieve S21 has varied at Regional Panels.

Accreditation, Revalidation and Re-accreditation Dates

Please note all dates are based on the National Swim 21 Panel, submissions must be with the ASA South West Regional Office 1 month prior to these dates

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