Minutes of ASA SW Board and Committee meetings.

Minutes of ASA meetings are available to download from www.swimming.org and not sent to the regional office for distribution.


Synchro Committee Minutes - 3 March 2012

Minutes of the meeting held on Saturday 3 March 2012 at ASA South West Office, Wellington

ASA SW Region Members Forum Agenda - 21 Jan 2012

13th Members Forum meeting to be held at 1pm on Saturday 21 January 2012 at ASA SW Regional Office, Castle Road, Wellington TA21 9JQ.

Following the sad loss of our President, Chris Esmond, the Chairman consulted with a number of our Past Presidents seeking guidance as to 'what procedure should we now follow'. The consensus was that as it was Dorset County ASA's year they should be given the opportunity to make a further nomination.

Dorset have followed due process and have nominated John Masters as the Region's President for 2012. At its meeting on 11 Jan 2012 the Board agreed that as far as possible John should be installed as though it was at the ACM.

The procedure to be followed on the 21 Jan 2012 :

  • Julia Airlie as the Immediate Past President will chair the opening part of the meeting
  • Dorset invited to make a nomination and give a citation, followed by the usual support from each of the remaining Counties.
  • John, as President, will then take the chair for the remaining part of the meeting - hopefully keeping us all in order!

Please download and unzip file below for:

  • Agenda
  • Minutes of July 2011 Forum
  • Swimmer of the Year nomination CVs (Liam Tancock and Tonia Couch).

Administration & Meeting Schedule 2012

as at 16 Nov 2011, supplied for publication 7 Jan 2011

Water Polo Minutes - 5 Dec 11

Minutes of the meeting held at 7.30pm on 5 December 2011 at ASA Regional Office, Wellington, Somerset

Management Board Minutes - 16 Nov 2011

Minutes of the Management Board meeting held on 16 November 2011 at the Regional Office, Wellington

Swimming Committee Minutes 20 Oct 2011

Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 20 October 2011 at Wellsprings Leisure Centre, Taunton at 6.30pm

Masters Sub-Committee Minutes - 9 Oct 2011

Minutes of the meeting held on Sunday 9 October 2011 at the Wellspring Leisure Centre Taunton at 10.30am

Synchro Committee Minutes - 8 Oct 2011

Minutes of the meeting held on Saturday 8 October 2011 at West Monkton Village Hall, Monkton Heathfield, Taunton

ASA South West Region Annual Council Meeting - 17 Sep 2011

Minutes of the meeting held at Somerset College of Art and Technology, Wellington Road, Taunton, TA1 5AX on 17 Sep 2011.

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Open Water Minutes - 14 Sep 2011

Minutes of meeting held on 14 September 2011 at the Walnut Tree Hotel, North Petherton, Somerset

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