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Speedo video interview with Ben Titley, Head Coach at Loughborough ITC

World Class Swimming Development Programme - Athlete Selection Policy

World Class Development programme is funded by UK Sport and provides athletes with training and competition opportunities, sports science/sports medicine services and a personal award to assist with daily training expenses.

Model implemented from1 April 2009.

Download policy publsihed by Michael Scott dated 27 Feb 09

Club Access to Intensive Training Centre Water Time Policy

Requests have been made by club coaches for their squads or individual swimmers to access long-course water time in the Intensive Training Centres.

This paper by Michael Scott explains the policy framework to ensure that the allocation of pool time across the ITC Network is undertaken in a strategic and planned way.

Click to download policy below and Application Form.

England Talent Development for Swimming and Open Water

An outline to the England Talent Development programme for swimming, (including open water). It details how the ASA framework will work towards a seamless pathway for talented English swimmers and support staff to help fulfil their potential.

In the initial stages the English Talent Development Programme will be focussing on three areas: a) National and Regional Talent programmes, b) Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE) and c) Strengthening Club Networks.

World Class Update - Jan 07

This issue produced by British Swimming features:

  • Winning - A Coaching Lesson by Bill Sweetenham, National Performance Director British Swimming
  • 2006 European Long Course Championships Coaches and Swimmer Medals
  • British Swimming 2006 Development Tours incorporating the Queensland State Swimming Championships
  • British Swimming Calendar

Previous issues can also be found by following this link

WCUpdateJan07.pdf 234.17 kB

World Class Update - Dec 06

This issue includes an interview with Bill Sweetenham, National Performance Director British Swimming and an analysis of medals by coach.

World Class Update - Nov 06

This newsletter produced by British Swimming contains an interview with National Performance Director, Bill Sweetenham.

Click for previous issues.

BSWCUNOV06.pdf 282.74 kB

Meet Licensing Newsletter Issue 4

November 2006 including information on Meet Licensing Levels (update), age at day and minimum age of competition, consideration times, membership data and calendar planning.

World Class Update - Oct 06

World Class Update Newsletter produced by British Swimming features an interview with Bill Sweetenham, Depth of Coaching Facts and Figures and 2006 Roll of Honour.

WCUpOct6.pdf 369.81 kB

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