FINA 2011 World Championships

Open water events 19 to 23 July 2011

FINA World Championships 2011 - Open Water Swimming Day 5

Peter Stoychev (Bulgaria) announced he was retiring from future FINA world championship competitions after winning the Men's 25km race in 5:10:39.8. Vladimir Dyatchin (Russia) was 35.8 seconds behind in 5:11:15.6 and Csaba Gercak (Hungary) was third with 5:11:18.1. The water temperature hit 31 degrees but the decision of the referee was to keep swimming.

In 2007, Stoychev became the fastest person to swim across the English Channel in 6h 57m, beating Christof Wandratsch's 2005 mark of 7h 03m. Stoychev has been overall winner of the FINA Open Water World Cup eight times.

In the Women's 25km race, Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil) won gold in 5:29:22.9. Angela Maurer (Germany) was 2.1 seconds behind on 5:29:25.0 for the silver and Alice Franco (Italy) was third in 5:29:30.8.

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FINA World Championships 2011 - Open Water Swimming Day 4

Swann Oberson (SUI) won the sprint finish to secure Women's 5km gold medal in 1:00:39.7. Aurelie Muller (FRA) was second in 1:00:40.1 and Ashley Grace Twichell (USA) third in 1:00:40.2.

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Thomas Lurz (GER) won the Men's 5km in 56:16.6 with 10km winner Spyros Gianniotis (GRE) second in 56:17.4 0.8 and
Evgeny Drattsev (RUS) third 56:18.5.

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FINA World Championships 2011 - Open Water Swimming Day 3

A mixed-gender, 3-person time trial featured 14 national teams starting 60 seconds apart in a 2 lap, 5km course. The final time is taken when the last swimmer crosses the line so drafting, positioning and pacing are critical to success.

The event was won by United States 57:00.6 (Andrew Gemmell 56:59.9, Sean Ryan 57:00.0, Ashley Grace Twichell 57:00.6). Silver went to Australia 57:01.8 (Melissa Gorman 57:01.4, Rhys Mainstone 57:01.7 and Ky Hurst 57:01.8). Bronze went to Germany 57:44.2 (Jan Wolfgarten 57:40.4, Thomas Lurz 57:42.0, Isabelle Haerle 57:44.2).

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FINA World Championships 2011 - Open Water Swimming Day 2

Britainís open water swimmers showed determination and grit as they battled their way through the Menís 10km event at the World Championships in Shanghai.

British Gas GBR Swimming Team athletes Dan Fogg and Tom Allen were in action at the beach city of Jin Shen and experienced a slightly cooler course than the day before when team mate Keri-anne Payne took gold in the womenís event.

Gold went to Spyros Goanniotis of Greece in 1.54:24.7, Thomas Lurz of Germany took silver in 1.54:27.2 and Sergey Bolshakov of Russia ranked third in 1.54:31.8. Fogg finished in a time of 1:54:46.9 with Allen on 1:55:37.4.

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FINA World Championships 2011 - Open Water Swimming Day 1

British swimmer Keri-anne Payne defended her World Championship title earned two years ago in Rome with a commanding, gold-medal winning performance in the Womenís 10km open water event in Shanghai.

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Payne took to the top step of another FINA World Championships podium after leading from the front throughout a 10km course baked by temperatures of well above 30C and water temperatures of 29C.

Despite the punishing conditions the British Gas GBR swimmer remained composed and in charge throughout, and even fended off a late charge by showing a strong and determined kick. Payne touched in 2.01:58.1 with Italy's 2010 FINA Open Water 10km World Champion Martina Grimaldi taking the silver in 2.01:59.9 and Marianna Lymperta of Greece took the bronze in 2.02:01.8.

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