Details of the organisational structure

Download pdf version of ASA SW Region Constitution published in 2010 Handbook

Lessons learnt after free swims pulled, says Sparkes

The Coalition Governmentís speed in dropping free swimming took the ASA by surprise, chief executive David Sparkes has admitted Ė but he says the governing body has learnt a great deal from the reorganisation that followed.

"While the ASA was sorry to see the end of free swimming, and the inevitable consequence of losing valuable and committed staff, we have taken the opportunity to learn from the reorganisation so that it can become a better organisation," he said. "That shows the maturity of the ASA that it is prepared to learn."

The decision to pull the plug on free swimming removed a third of the £140m funding and led to ASA job losses, though many were re-employed elsewhere.

New ASA structure

The ASA has now concluded the review of its organisationís structure and the new structure became operational on 1 November 2010.

Download detailed information below on the new structure as at 11 November 2010

Don Neate elected ASA President for 2010 / 2011

ASA East Regionís Don Neate has been elected ASA President for the 2010 / 2011 season.

Neate will fill the role between October 2010 and October 2011, taking over from West Midlands Regionís John Russell who held the position for the previous 12 months.

Neate became involved with officiating at Bury St Edmunds Swimming Club, starting as a timekeeper at his sonís galas before graduating to Club Records Officer and later Club Fixtures Secretary.

ASA South West Region Members Forum Presentation on Restructure

Download powerpoint file shown on 15 Jul 09

British Swimming extends board by appointing Wai-Yin Hatton

Wai-Yin Hatton is the newest addition to the British Swimming board. As well as a position on the board she will also act as the boardís liaison to the disability programme.

Hatton will liaise between the World Class Disability Swimming Programmes, GB Disability Technical Swimming Committee Chair, Ray Gordon and Tim Reddish Performance Director of British Disability Swimming.

ASA Committee Review Consultation

The ASA is consulting to guide the ASA Board in the preparation of a document for ASA Council in October 2008. The ASA would want to have the benefit of the views of the membership on the purpose and structure of its committees in order to ensure that they are fit for purpose to deliver key objectives set out in the ASAís Strategic Plan and Vision.

Questions are intended to help members in providing comments but the aim is not to limit debate. If you think there are other relevant issues, please feel free to include them in your response.

The consultation period will run until 4 June 2008 and the findings will be reported back to ASA Board on 27 June 2008, to allow discussion before preparation of appropriate information for ASA Council in October 2008. Therefore they would like to invite members to give their views either through the ASA website or in writing on the principles of the Review as outlined.


In addition to the officers of the Region, the following are postholders (updated from 2011 Handbook):

Past Presidents and Officers (including Western Counties ASA)

Past Presidents

1901 Sir G. Pragnell
1902 A.J.Tucker
1903 R.B. Veness
1904 G.W. Hearn
1905 E.W. Jordan
1906 C.W. Bartlett
1907 J.S. Walker
1908 W.M. Bull
1909 W.S. Bambridge
1910 J.C. Richardson

Diagram of Regional Structure

Diagramatic representation of the relationships between Annual Council, Regional Management Board, Members, Forum, Finance, Development Committee, Discipline Committees and County ASA delivery.

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