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FINA 2009 World Championships Swimming - Day 3 Morning Session

David Davies took five seconds off the 800m Freestyle British record as the British Gas swimming team secured one final and three semi-final places after strong performances through the heat session. Davies took to heat four alongside Italian Federico Colbertaldo and Robert Hurley (Australia) and was looking to post a quick time to reach the final next day.

The Olympic silver medallist dominated the first half of his race but as the race entered the final 400m Colbertaldo began to close in on the British Gas swimmer. Davies showed his strength in the final 100m as he touched in a time of 7:45.89 to knock five seconds off his own British record time and qualified in fourth place for the final.

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Water Polo

Videos and commentaries from around the world

Protecting the Ball

Video demonstrating skills (3m 14s flashplayer required to view)


Defending proper position in water polo is crucial in improving your water polo game. Establish your defensive position with your hips no lower than 18" in the water. This is so you don't get a penalty and allows for optimal mobility. Keep a high hip and foot position to accelerate in any direction. Work to keep your hips up for the most time.

View video overview (1m 18s flashplayer required to view)


Faking shots in water polo is a great way to keep defence off balance. Fake shots will often send defenders off to one or the other side. Losing the defenders during the fake allows you to get the open shot on goal. Water polo offensive techniques are designed to create more space between you and the defender.

View video overview (2m 23s flashplayer required to view)


Shooting in water polo is a basic skill for attackers. The water polo shot requires good height out of the water, arm position, shoulder rotation, and head stall. Shot strategy is important to building your water polo game. Concentrate on improving your rotation to follow through and speed up the shot.

View video of technical elements of shooting (2m 20s flashplayer required to view)


Spidering enables you to maintain a position of power, where you can pass, shoot or move quickly. Spidering is the position where one hand is sculling, and both legs are doing eggbeaters. This is a standard water polo position for both attack and defence.

View video overview of this skill (2m 52s flashplayer required to view)

Swimming with the ball

The idea is to keep the ball in front of you as you swim with your head up. A high leg kick keeps the drag low and creates lots of white water to blind pursuing defenders.

View video lesson in moving with the ball in water polo (1m 30s)

Pose Water Polo position

Video from the "Pose Swimming Drills" series demonstrating what the "Pose Water Polo" position looks like when executed in the water, in this example by elite Mexican Triathlete Arturo Garza. The underlying theme is to quickly change support while maintaining a relatively even position in the water. This drill effectively highlights any inconsistencies in your stroke and forces you to adapt to a quicker swimming cadence.

2m 19s (flashplayer required to view)

Mikasa Training Videos

Hungarian Heavyweight training video with Tony Azevedo

Playing the Game

A series of clips by SportSpectator.com designed to teach spectators the basics of water polo. Helpful for novice sports fans, parents, players, and coaches.