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FINA 2009 World Championships Swimming - Day 3 Morning Session

David Davies took five seconds off the 800m Freestyle British record as the British Gas swimming team secured one final and three semi-final places after strong performances through the heat session. Davies took to heat four alongside Italian Federico Colbertaldo and Robert Hurley (Australia) and was looking to post a quick time to reach the final next day.

The Olympic silver medallist dominated the first half of his race but as the race entered the final 400m Colbertaldo began to close in on the British Gas swimmer. Davies showed his strength in the final 100m as he touched in a time of 7:45.89 to knock five seconds off his own British record time and qualified in fourth place for the final.

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FINA World Championships 2009 village and opening ceremony

View video posted by Speedo International (1m 38s flashplayer required to view)

Claudio Baglioni - Acqua nell' acqua

Video (5m 29s flashplayer required to view) of his performance from Fina World Championships 2009 on 18 July 2009

Tonia and Brooke in Fashion Shoot

One month before the FINA World Championships, Tonia Couch and Brooke Graddon managed to come out smiling for a 1980s style fashion shoot, despite a heavy training schedule and a rainy afternoon.

Tonia and Brooke, as well as Tom Daley are competing in Rome from 18 to 25 July 2009.

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Software priorities


Administrative costs

David Cameron has pledged to scrap or slim down Britain's proliferation of quangos if the Tories win the next election. Plans are being mooted for a scaled down and combined version of UK Sport and Sport England. In The Independent, Shadow sports minister Hugh Robertson is reported to say it makes "little sense" to undertake any major restructuring in advance of London 2012 which might disrupt athlete preparation.

But this does not mean there would not be changes under a Conservative government which would take a serious look at administrative costs and, particularly in the case of Sport England, the employment of consultants and expenditure on surveys which runs into millions. "We would want to ensure the maximum amount of money heads towards the front line," says Robertson.

Jet Lag and Jet Stress

Christopher Berger, Ph.D., Chair of the American College of Sports Medicine Task Force on Healthy Air Travel, "Exercise is Medicineô On the Fly," presented research to the ACSMís 56th Annual Meeting in Seattle. He explained that jet stress, the result of the stressful effects of travel, is different from jet lag. Jet stress can be the result of interruptions in eating patterns; poor eating habits while traveling; sitting in a cramped seat for a long time; dehydration; and irritation from things such as flight delays, crowds, and noise.

Click here to find out if jet lag and jet stress are conditions to be overly concerned about.

50th birthday Special K

Kirsty Gallacher helps celebrate 50 years of Kellogg's Special K with around 100 classic 'Special K' girls on Millennium Bridge on 12 July 2009 in London.

Duck race

Video from European Junior Swimming Championships in Prague (1m 28s, flashplayer required to view)

Beyond Sport Summit - Love your organisation

7 to 9 July 2009

The Beyond Sport Summit is a unique three-day event designed to celebrate, promote and drive forward sport-led social change.

Keynote speaker, Rene Carayol, gave a speech explaining the difference between management and leadership within a business. Catch an interview with him about leadership, and some feedback from delegates on his talk.

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Beyond Sport Summit - Your team needs one unified objective

7 to 9 July 2009

The Beyond Sport Summit is a unique three-day event designed to celebrate, promote and drive forward sport-led social change. The Summit will collide those who use sport as a vehicle to create social impact, with influencers from the world of business, government and federations whose attitudes and decisions can have substantial impact. The Summit has three primary objectives:

  • To forge connections and ongoing strategic relationships that create benefits across all parties.
  • To generate ideas that will tangibly help to scale and replicate sport development projects from across the globe.
  • To create momentum behind the change-through-sport agenda.

The Summit's attendees include representatives from the following groups of people:

  • Shortlisted projects for the Beyond Sport Awards 2009.
  • Specially selected corporate CEOs and decision-makers.
  • Political leaders
  • Leaders from international aid, peace and development organisations.
  • Entrepreneurs and key influencers.
  • Funds and Foundations.
  • International Federations and Governing Bodies.

Alastair Campbell: Your team needs one unified objective

On the second day of the Summit and after voicing his undying love for Burnley FC, Alastair Campbell explained how the new online, 24-hour nature of media changes the way people communicate. Itís vital that the organisationsí objective is the same for everyone working within the group. He advised that each leader go back to their team and work out one unified objective and then develop a strategy about how to go out and communicate it in that way. He speculated that if everyone in one organisation was instructed to write out what they thought the overall objective was, each would be different. Itís important to unify that so it can then be conveyed to others.

For example, when Alastair was director of communications for Tony Blair, they came up with one message: New Labour, New Britain. Decisions and changes can be made along the way, but the message to the public, to the media, was always the same.

Also, he said, when communicating, bin the numbers. Donít focus on the figures (ten million dollars to create this, 30,000 people have been affected here), focus on the story, focus on the picture. Find people who can make the visuals and the stories work and communicate them.

He ended with his 10 key points about communicating

  1. OST - Objective Strategy Tactics
  2. The Best team leaders are best team players
  3. Be adaptable
  4. Be bold - bold strokes are the only ones that get noticed nowadays
  5. Stay calm in a crisis
  6. Listen - but lead
  7. Take your time if you have to
  8. Set the agenda, don't let the agenda set you
  9. Stick your head above the noise
  10. Enourage risk and innovation at all levels of organisation