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FINA 2009 World Championships Swimming - Day 3 Morning Session

David Davies took five seconds off the 800m Freestyle British record as the British Gas swimming team secured one final and three semi-final places after strong performances through the heat session. Davies took to heat four alongside Italian Federico Colbertaldo and Robert Hurley (Australia) and was looking to post a quick time to reach the final next day.

The Olympic silver medallist dominated the first half of his race but as the race entered the final 400m Colbertaldo began to close in on the British Gas swimmer. Davies showed his strength in the final 100m as he touched in a time of 7:45.89 to knock five seconds off his own British record time and qualified in fourth place for the final.

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News for volunteers and to their support recruitment, training and retention.

Dorset County ASA Young Volunteers

The Energy Award for outstanding contribution to youth volunteering

vinspired.com are on the lookout for people who have helped ignite young people's passion for volunteering. Providing energy and enthusiasm people who offer support without being in your face, the undercover talent spotters in your community Ė who help to hook you up with the people and projects that rock your world.

Get them recognised!
The Energy Award gives a staff member the chance to be recognized for the energy they have given to supporting young volunteers in your area to achieve the amazing things they have.

Favour Farm

Vinspired's www.favourfarm.co.uk has launched! Give birth to a favour now and prevent them becoming extinct!


Volunteering to lead

Researchers in the voluntary and community sector have traditionally tended to ignore grassroots, volunteer-led organisations and focus instead on larger organisations that are more immediately obvious. Relatively speaking, then, a lot is known about volunteering in larger, paid-staff organisations but comparatively little about volunteering within volunteer-led groups and even less about issues of leadership within these groups.

Volunteer-led groups are defined as those in which the leader of the group is a volunteer. It is in such a context a study published by the Institute for Volunteering Research aimed to explore issues of leadership within small, volunteer-led groups and the challenges associated with their growth and development.

Download report

Nominate young volunteers for vinspired award

vinspired also believe in giving amazing young volunteers the recognition they deserve. Thatís why over the last year they have been working with their v20 members to develop ten new national awards. These exciting new awards, developed by young people, will recognise exceptional individuals, who have made a big difference to other people or the environment.

Celebrate your new generation of young volunteersby nominating them now for one of these awards!

Match Funding Scheme for Volunteering

V Charity has re-opened its match funding programme. Through this funding V provides grants to charities that match up to 100% of any new private sector investment for youth volunteering projects in England. The aim of the fund is to inspire greater levels of investment in youth volunteering from private companies, charitable trusts and foundations and individuals. Following consultation with young people, v has developed a set of core themes for the Match Fund, the themes are:

  • health and well being;
  • the environment;
  • supporting children and young people;
  • community cohesion;
  • poverty;
  • human rights.

It is not too late to join in the national recognition of the work of volunteers

1 to 7 June 2009

Many clubs across the country are promoting events around Volunteers Week 2009, the national celebration of volunteers and volunteering which plays a huge part in raising the profile of the millions of volunteers who regularly contribute to society, while inspiring others to get involved too.

This year Volunteers' Week is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Volunteer for the UK School Games 2009

Do you enjoy a challenge? Do you want to be part of a fun and engaging atmosphere? Would you like to make new friends and be involved in what is fast becoming a major event within the UKís sporting calendar?

Would you like to be a volunteer at the UK School Games?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you may be right to be a volunteer for the UK School Games. To apply, please download and complete the Volunteer Application form (English) and e-mail to volunteers@ukschoolgames.com.

Sports Leaders UK Volunteer of the Year Award

Will the first Sports Leaders UK Volunteering Ambassador be from our region?

Sports Leaders UK has launched the Sports Leaders UK Volunteer of the Year Award to mark the special contributions made by our Sports Leaders to their local communities.

The volunteering award will be open to all Sports Leaders aged 14 and above who have completed at least an additional 10 hours of volunteering in their community since becoming a Sports Leader. In particular the award is focused on those Sports Leaders who have gone the extra mile to develop their leadership skills and have volunteered their time to the benefit of their local community.

CSV wants campaign to clear up confusion on volunteering jobseekers

The call comes as Labour MP Diane Abbott tables an incorrect parliamentary motion. Volunteering charity CSV has called for a national campaign to combat the misconception that unemployed people lose their entitlement to Jobseeker's Allowance if they volunteer.

Labour MP Diane Abbott last week tabled a parliamentary motion that claimed incorrectly "those volunteering more than 16 hours per week are not entitled to Jobseeker's Allowance".

Mike Locke, Volunteering England:

"People drawing Jobseeker's Allowance can volunteer for as many hours as they like. They do have to keep looking for paid work, and they must be available for a job interview with 48 hours' notice and to take up paid work within a week."

The early day motion calls on the Government "to allow people to work an unlimited number of hours on a voluntary basis" and still claim the benefit. It said that the '16-hour rule' was "causing a trade-off between gaining valuable skills and work experience and having access to financial support".

Dame Elisabeth Hoodless, executive director of CSV, said confusing and contradictory messages deterred people from volunteering and the Government should tell the public the facts. "There's a lot of confusion and different Jobcentre Plus officers interpret the rules in different ways," she said. "There should be a national campaign to make this clear."

National Student Volunteering Conference Funding Plenary

Video playlist of presentations from the Funding Plenary held at the National Student Volunteering Conference 2009 featuring Andrea Rannard (5:22), Peter Jones - Part 1 (9:57), Peter Jones Part 2 (6:03), Caroline Stainton (8:38) and Sophie Duncan (9:54)