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ASA South West Region Youth Championships 2012

5 to 7 May 2012 - Plymouth Life centre (50m)

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We hope you enjoy the event at this new pool. At the end of this article you will find details of how logged in visitors can subscribe to view Youth Championships 2012 media clips.

We would like to thank all our coaches, officials and volunteers, without whom the event couldn't take place and British Gas for their support for swimming.

Dependent on internet access, we hope to be able to bring you live results, updates and media during the event.

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ASA South West Region Results

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ASA SW Region Swimming Events 2012

Information on 2012 competitions so far - Zonal Meet (South), Distance Time Trials, Youth, Age Groups, Team, Sprints and Masters, with qualifying times for Youth & 17/O Programme, and Age Group Programme as supplied for publication on 24 Oct 2011.

Map of Millfield

Download full campus map (pdf) of Millfield, venue of British Gas ASA Zonal Championships (50m) 2012 South on 28/29 Jan 2012

Closing Dates

Distance Time Trials

30 December 2011


9 January 2012


16 April 2012


30 April 2012

Age Groups

21 May 2012


20 June 2012


12 November 2012

Bookings for 2012



Warm Up (W)
Start (S)


Pool Booked

8 Jan 2012

Long Distance Time Trials

1.00pm to 5.00pm

University of Bath


28-29 Jan 2012

ASA Zonal Championships South

S Session 1 - 10.00am, Session 2 - not before 2.30pm

Millfield (50m)


5 to 7 May 2012

Youth & 17/O Championships

5th W - 9.45am, S - 11.00am
6th W - 11.00am, S - 11.45am
7th W - 8.45am, S - 10.00am

Life Centre, Plymouth

Information Pack
Entries File for Meet Contacts
Time Trial Conditions

20 May 2012

Team Relay

W - 10.00am, S - 11.00am

Millfield (25m)

Information Pack

9-10 Jun 2012

Age Groups

W - 8.45am, S - 10.00am


Information Pack
Time Trial Conditions

16-17 Jun 2012

Age Groups

W - 8.45am, S - 10.00am


Information Pack
Time Trial Conditions

30 Jun 2012

Sprint Gala

W - 10.00am, S - 11.00am

GL1 (25m)

Information Pack

30 Sep 2012

Masters Sprint Gala

W - 1.00pm, S - 1.40pm

Millfield (25m)

Information Pack

18 Nov 2012

Masters SW Inter-County Gala

W - 1.30pm

Millfield (25m)


1/2 Dec 2012



Venue to be confirmed (25m)


2012 Time Trial conditions

Age Group swimmers may compete in Time Trials at the Youth Championships and vice versa provided they meet the attached criteria.

ASA South West Region Youth & 17/O Championships Entries File

for Meet Contacts

Please note that this version has the correct Qualifying Times. If you have received any version prior to 23 March 2012, please download and unzip the file below.

YCMeet12.zip 20.17 kB

ASA South West Region Request for Officials 2012

Request For Officials

Please download, complete and return this form to Lynne Elliott by Monday 12 March 2012.

ASA SW Region would again like to request officials' help to run our own events in 2012 and also other events at which we are asked to provide officials.

Last year we had more officials helping, which was very welcome. This year we look forward to welcoming even more! It is essential that this continues as with two new 10 lane pools this year, it means we will require more officials on poolside.

There will be a CPD Seminar at the end of April for both those officials who need to renew their license and the newly qualified officials. Details will be available soon.

British Gas ASA Zonal Championships (50m) 2012 South - Accepted Entries

28/29 January 2012 - Millfield (50m)

British Gas ASA Zonal Championships (50m) 2012 South - Pack Updated 4 Dec 2011

Pack dated 4 Dec 2011

Sportsystems Entry file now shows correct entry fee. This download includes previously advised amend to Girls 14/15 200m Breaststroke consideration time (3.00.0) and conditions for the Qualification of Teams for the British Gas ASA National Youth Championships 2012

Please destroy any earlier version of pack

28/29 January 2012 - Millfield (50m)

This competition, introduced for the first time in 2011, brings together swimmers from three regions, South West, South East and London into a zonal championships.

The 2012 meet will be hosted by ASA SW Region. The competition will be hosted by the other regions in turn in subsequent years.

Download and unzip file below for updates (as at 4 Dec 2011) - includes Programme of Events, corrected Consideration / Qualifying Times, Sportsystems Entry file showing corrected 7 individual entry fee, together with instructions, Zonal Competition Conditions and the conditions for the Qualification of Teams for the British Gas ASA National Youth Championships 2012.

Ticket Update on British Swimming Championships 2012 - For Qualifiers from zonal meets

As you know, the Zonal Meets are held on the last weekend of January. These meets are designed to allow qualification opportunities to the British Championships. You may well be aware that the tickets for this event are selling fast. As of 5 November 2011, 79% of all tickets for the event have been sold, but there are a lot of heat tickets still to be sold for weekdays.

Andrew Marvin, Chair ASA Technical Swimming Committeee has asked us to let parents know of the current availability and that if they believe there is an outside chance of their swimmer qualifying for the British Gas Swimming Championships 2012 in London, to encourage them to buy their tickets now.

"A concern of mine, is that parents will not apply for tickets to watch the event for their swimmers, until they actually qualify at the Zonal meets in January and by this point there is a strong possibility that tickets will be sold out." said Andrew.

ASA South West Region Masters Distance Time Trials and Sprint Meet 2012

Long Course Masters Distance Time Trials
8 Jan 2012 - University of Bath
Entries close 30 Dec 2011

Short Course Masters Open Sprint Meet
30 Sep 2012 at Millfield School, Street
Entries close 12 Sep 2012

Download Programme and Entry Form

ASA South West Region Swimming Programme 2012

The ASA South West Region Swimming Programme for

  • Distance Time Trials
  • Youth & 17/O Championships
  • Team Relays
  • Age Groups
  • Sprint Gala

is available to download below, including Qualification Times for Youth & 17/O Championships and Age Group Championships.

Officials there is a need for clubs to identify who will represent them at events, depending upon the number of entries.

Entry files will be sent to Club Meet Contacts in 2012. If the Meet Contact has changed within your Club, please forward this information to your replacement and advise Rob Margetts (rmargetts@wcasa.co.uk) so that he can update the distribution list.

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