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Regional Management Board ( RMB )

Contact information

Phone: 01452 396615


Postal Address: ASA South West Regional Office, c/o Gloucester City Council, Culture Learning & Leisure, Herbert Warehouse, The Docks, Gloucester GL1 2EQ

Additional information

The Regional Management Board comprises the following
- the Officers;
- Administration Officer;
- ASA Committee Member;
- one County Board Member appointed by each of the Counties, against criteria set by the Board from time to time;
- the President (who shall be allowed to speak but not vote);

In addition a number of independent members may be appointed by the Board against criteria which may be set from time to time, subject to Rule 14.7 (Only persons who are members of the ASA shall be eligible to be voting members of the Board).


Sue Dors ( Chairman, Regional Management Board )

Contact information

Email: S.L.Dors@bath.ac.uk