ࡱ>  4bjbj 5$jj0Bl\L\L\L8LLt2XPXPXPXPXPXPXPXP3t5t5t5t5t5t5t$u xNYtXPXPXPXPXPYtxYXPXPntxYxYxYXPXPXP3txYXP3txY"xY`cgcXPLP wDJ\LFT23cgct0t;c,TxxYTxgcxYVisionRef:Key TargetsRef:Corporate Plan ref.Baseline NumberTarget NumberLearn to Swim1.1.2To provide schools and school teachers with appropriate training and resources1.1.2 1.1.2 1.1.2 LEAs access to National Curriculum Training Programme (NCTP) School Teachers attending the NCPT School swimming teachers with CPD module in disability23 courses 301 031courses 405 01.2.11,000 swimming programmes 1.2.1Swim programmes using NPTS58651.2.3Additional 48,000 qualified swimming teachers and coaches at levels 1 and 21.2.3 1.2.3Additional teachers/coaches qualified to Level 1 Additional teachers/coaches qualified to level 2459 147 96 321.2.4Minimum of one Training and Development centre in each region1.2.4Regional Training and Development Centres011.2.58,000 swimming teachers attending CPD events.1.2.5Attendance at CPD events2401.2.8240 accredited teaching swimming clubs.1.2.8No. of accredited Swim 21 Teaching Clubs510Lifelong Participation2.1.2Incorporate swimming into 32 LEAP or equivalent programmes.2.1.2No. of LEAP or equivalent programmes112.2.1To strengthen links and encourage children to migrate to Swim 21 clubs 2.2.1School Sports Partnerships with Swim 21 club links6152.2.2 and 2.3.1400 Schools Sports Partnerships with schools linked to 800 accredited clubs 2.2.2 2.3.1 Schools linked to accredited LTS schemes Accredited Swim 21 Clubs Swim 21 Accredited Performance Clubs Swim 21 Accredited Competitive Development Clubs Swim 21 Accredited Skill Development Clubs Swim 21 Accredited teaching clubs Swim 21 Disability Clubs Specialist Sports Colleges linked to CSP Swim 21 network County Sport Partnerships with network of Swim 21 clubs0 26 3 2 16 5 0 6 01 48 4 4 30 10 0 15 2  2.4.1 11,000 registered Masters competitors accessing a national competition for their discipline. 2.4.1 2.4.2 2.4.1 2.4.1 2.4.1 Registered Masters Swimming Registered Masters players  Athlete Development Swimming3.1.1800 Swim 21/Clubmark accredited clubs3.1.1Swim 21 Accredited clubs Swim 21 Accredited Performance Clubs Swim 21 Competitive Development Clubs Swim 21 Accredited Skill Development Clubs Swim 21 Accredited Teaching Clubs26 3 2 16 548 4 4 30 103.2.172 networks of accredited clubs3.2.1No. of networks of Swim 21 Accredited clubs02 3.2.3All Swim 21 Competitive and Performance level clubs to have access to a 50m pool as a club base3.2.3No. of Swim 21 clubs based in 50m facility No. of Swim 21 clubs accessing 50m pools for training/development camps1 211 383.3.1Additional 96 ASA Coach/UKCC level 4 184 Club Coaches/UKCC level 3 Additional 96 ASA tutors/96 presenters/ 200 trainers3.3.1ASA Level 4 coaches ASA Level 3 coaches plus Trained ASA/UKCC tutors Trained national Presenters Trained vocational trainers5 30 80  38 10 3.3.31 Training and Development Centre per region3.3.3No. of Training and Development Centre013.4.1Progressive series of Swimming Development Academies3.4.1No. of local Swimming Development Academies (LSDAs) No. of Partnership TiD camps No Of County TID camps No of Regional TID Camps5 3 17 5 6 13.4.2At least 50% of qualified coaches will use Multi regional and CSP level Swimming Development Camps for CPD3.4.2No. of CPD opportunities for coaches - local No. of CPD opportunities at partnerships No. of CPD opportunities at County level No. of CPD opportunities at Regional level 25 11 0 040 20 24 4 3.4.3CSP delivering Active Sports Swimming Framework3.4.3No. of Active Sports swimming programmes5 43.5.11 national competition framework supported by all providers.3.5.1Regions working to the Framework01 3.5.2All sub regional structures to work with the Framework3.5.2No. of sub regional structures063.5.4Classification process in place for all swimmers3.5.4Classification team in place in all regions03 classifiers identified (1 team)3.6.1 2,400 trained team managers.3.6.1No. of accredited Level One Team Managers No. of accredited level Two Team Managers 155 0200 503.7.1At least 50 accredited Swim 21 clubs within 24hrs dedicated water time per week for their top squads and 10 of these clubs with at least 50 swimmers achieving breakpoint volume in 20-24 hrs per week3.7.1Swim 21 accredited Performance Clubs Swim 21 accredited Competition Development Clubs ASA Level 4 Coaches in Swim 21 clubs 3 2 54 4 8 Diving3.1.1Swim 21 Diving clubs3.1.1Swim 21 (diving) accredited clubs3.3.1Six High Performance Coaches, 15 National Coaches, 20 Talent Development Coaches, 100 Skill Development Coaches and 200 Diving instructors practising in Swim 21 accredited clubs3.3.1Skill Development coaches in Swim 21 Skill Development accredited clubs Tutors Div Teach 2 Tramp. -16 Level 23.4.1Progressive series of diving development camps servicing the needs of talented divers3.4.1TID Smart Track Camps at Regional level0 13.5.2Sub regional structures will be working to the National Competition Framework3.5.2Sub regional structures working to the National Competition Framework Regions working to the National Competition Framework013.5.3All competitive opportunities provided through the efforts of external agencies, including schools, CSPs, LAs and Swimming Leagues will reflect the criteria within the National Competition Framework3.5.3Licensed events operating to the National Competition Framework013.6.1100 Level One and 50 Level Two Team Managers3.6.1No. of registered Level One Team Managers No. of accredited level Two 010Water Polo3.2.124 Tutors or licensed presenters delivering Mini-polo workshops3.2.1Primary Tutors or licensed presenters delivering mini-polo. Workshops within each region2 workshops3.2.2196 qualified coaches who are working at different levels of the sport3.2.2Coaches working at Level 1 and practising within a mini-polo clubs or an accredited learn to swim/play scheme Coaches working at Level 5 and practicing within High Performance Centres, National Team and a range of learning opportunities overseas 13.2.3Programme of CPD opportunities3.2.3A range of CPD opportunities through a programme or seminars and workshops at multi-regional level, conducted by licensed presenters and linked to an Education Centre1 CPD (10 people)3.4.1Progressive series of Water Polo Development Clinics and Camps servicing the needs of talented Water Polo Players run at Regional and county level, where possible linking with CSP3.4.1No. of Regional Development Clinics and Camps No. of County/CSP Development Clinics and Camps55 5 3.4.248 weekly Academy sessions per year in all ASA Regions3.4.2No. of Regional Academies123.5.2All sub regional structures will be working to the National Competition Framework3.5.2Sub regional structures working to the National Competition Framework Regions working to the National Competitive Framework0 02 13.6.1All Team Managers entering National Team programme activities and competitions will have progressed through the Team Managers training programme : Level Two and Swim 21 accredited clubs will have a sum total of 16 Level One and 6 Level Two Team Managers3.6.1No. of registered Level One Team Managers No. of accredited Level Two Team Managers31 course 12 people3.7.1At least 4 clubs with 20 hrs training time per week for their top squads and in addition six clubs with at least five players achieving threshold volume in 14 plus hrs per week3.7.1Clubs with at least five players training 14 plus hrs per week achieving threshold volume 013.8.1Progressive Talent Identification, nurturing and development process based on the principles of the LTAD through a co-ordinated Water Polo Academy programme at National and regional levels3.8.1Players on Regional Academy Programme030Synchro3.4.1There will be a fully implemented talent education and development programme in place based on the planned introduction of a LTAD Synchro model by 2005/63.4.1LTAD Synchro introduced013.4.2A progressive series of Synchro Development Academies servicing the needs of talented Synchro swimmers at Local County Sport Partnerships and multi-regional levels (* may need to revisit)3.4.2No. of LSSDA (Skills) No of Partnership TiD camps at a Partnership/County level No. of CPD opportunities at Regional level0 0 03 1 13.5.2All sub regional structures will be working to the National Competition Framework 3.5.2Regions working to the National Competition Framework Sub regional structures working to the National Competition Framework0 01 2 3.6.160 Level One and 20 Level two team Managers3.6.1No. of accredited level Two Team Managers020Volunteering5.1.18,000 additional volunteers, including 2,000 new officials. 5.1.1Minimum additional volunteers Clubs with a Volunteer Co-ordinator Counties with a Volunteer Co-ordinator Counties with a Disability Co-ordinator Counties with a Welfare Officer Clubs with a welfare officer Trained technical officials (-swimming -synchro - open water) 24 2 24 336 48 6 6 6 48 47 (18 14 15)5.2.28,000 volunteers accessing training.5.2.2Volunteers accessing training70 International Influence7.1.1All committees filled by open recruitment.7.1.1Regions implements ASA recruitment guidelines 17.1.226 officials and administrators per year on a recognised training programme and attending major conferences.7.1.2No. of technical officers and administrators on a training programme No. of technical officials and administrators attending major conferences/meetings10 Equity and Ethics8.1.1800 clubs and 45 County Sports Partnership Swimming Action Groups working to ensure that swimming is accessible.8.1.1Accredited Swim 21 clubs CSP Swimming Action Groups26 5 main SAGs48 78.1.21,000 Schools to Club Links programmes8.1.2School/Swim 21 Club links3308.2.1Committee members to be training on equity8.2.1Clubs implementing Equality policies Counties implementing Equality policies Regions implementing Equality policies26 048 1 8.2.2Marketing and media on strategies at County, regional and National levels8.2.2Regional Marketing and media strategies01 8.2.3Recruitment strategies at National, regional and county levels8.2.3Regional recruitment strategies01 8.2.4Integrated Equity action plan8.2.4Regions implementing Action Plan 01 8.3.1Additional 25% officials trained 8.3.1Technical officials trained Officials registered for CPD training 47 478.5.2Regions, Counties and Swim 21 Clubs will have adopted Child Protection Policy8.5.2No. of Regions No. of Counties No. of Clubs 241 6 488.6.1Registered competitors will receive an up to date information on doping8.6.1Skill Development Clubs Competitive Development Clubs Performance Clubs16 2 330 4 4Governance, Structures and Partnerships9.1All levels of the sport operating within a modernised infrastructureEstablishment of 8 ASA Regions with elected board and paid management teams1 region, all sub committees9.1.18 ASA Regional Plans.9.1.1No. of established regions019.1.2Members and professional staff engaging in a rolling programmes of training and development9.1.2No. of staff and volunteers3139.1.3Implementation of a marketing, promotion and communication strategy.9.1.3Regional19.2.1Audit and Probity Committee will have reviewed business practices at National and Regional levels9.2.1Review of regional business 19.3.135 County ASA Plans.9.3.1Regional plans in place County plans in place Swim21 improvement plan0 6 26 1 6 489.3.2All levels to work within networks County ASA Strategic networks9.3.2Regional Strategic networks County ASA Strategic networks1 7 9.5.1Increase in membership of 1%.9.5.1% Increase in membership26,27026,5339.5.2Standardised system for the collection of fees9.5.2Standardised system for collection of fees01Monitoring and Evaluation10.1.1Centralised tracking system implemented.10.1.1Tracking system utilised by Regions0110.1.2Standardised monitoring and evaluation system in place.10.1.2Monitoring and evaluation system utilised at regional level01 Appendix B ASA South West 6 month plan (October March 2006) 1:AOPtuab  ] ^ JKhiTU./MNHy12@ARS9:cd>*CJCJ 5>*\CJOJQJ^J 5CJ\>*CJOJQJ^J OJQJ^J5OJQJ\^JP 1:AHO$If$If  9r $If $$Ifa$ $$Ifa$ 44OP^d4....$If$$Ifl֞8z !%X|BZ 804 la'^ijnoq{|$If1(+++$If$$Ifl֞8z !%X|BZ 804 la.L$$Ifl֞8z !%X|BZ 804 la$If!'-^$If4....$If$$Ifl֞8z !%X|BZ 804 la.h$$Ifl֞8z !%X|BZ 804 la$If"PVopt$Iftuv|4....$If$$Ifl֞8z !%X|BZ 804 la.$$$Ifl֞8z !%X|BZ 804 la$If28]_a$Ifabci48....$If$$Ifl֞8z !%X|BZ 804 la.$$Ifl֞8z !%X|BZ 804 la$If P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [ a b h i j k l m n o p q $If 4 V o      $If        $If      ! 4....$If$$Ifl֞8z !%X|BZ 804 la! 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