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    Then there are times when they come in looking as fresh as a daisy. Thatís when Iíll tell my assistant coaches: ĎLook, no matter what they do today, itís not going to be good enough.í They can have a time trial and break world records ó it still wouldnít be good enough. Itís at the time when the athlete is most positive that you force the bar up.

    -- Bill Sweetenham
    June 05
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    June 05

    Active Sports Dorset *
    Volunteering opportunities with NatWest CricketForce

    Level 1 Athletics Course (18/3/06)

    Dorset Coaches Conference 2006

    Netball 'C' Award Umpiring Course

    Coaching demonstration for disability football *
    Coping with Injuries - Can Your Attitude Speed Reco