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Bill's Coaching Tips: No 11
Finish with kick challenge and then hop out, i.e.: 10 x 100m on 1.30s hold 1.25s 15 x 100m on 1.45s hold 1.35s 20 x 100m on 2.00s hold 1.45s
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  • Quotes

    "I'm obsessed, desperate, for Olympic medals. There's no question of that. Personal bests won't satisfy me. Finals won't satisfy me. I have a deep obsession for medals. I'm at the age now, I'm 53, when I think of all the things I want to do in sport and I feel how little time is left. So I leave nothing to chance. No stone unturned. I want to walk out of that Olympic village in Athens with a set of athletes and coaches who went in expecting the highest achievement and achieved it. And hope was not part of the equation. It's the reality that counts. The reality of being part of the most professional team in the world."

    -- Bill Sweetenham
    Oct 04
    Jun 04