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Turn off or disengage pace clock to have athletes self evaluate speeds swum without the use of a clock.
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    If you are just 1% off your game at world level, the other guys can sense it."

    -- Graeme Smith
    June Bulletin

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    Game 1
    Harlequins6 - 6Bristol University
    Frome13 - 1Marlborough
    Cheltenham II12 - 8Bristol University
    Weston12 - 11Cardiff University
    Weston9 - 14Bristol University
    Bristol University13 - 12Cheltenham II
    Cheltenham II35 - 0Marlborough
    Cardiff University10 - 7Weston
    Bristol University12 - 10Cardiff University
    Bristol University11 - 8Harlequins
    Bristol Central II21 - 9Bristol University
    Cheltenham II10 - 8Cardiff University
    Bradford-on-Avon6 - 5Harlequins
    Frome3 - 5Newton Abb. II
    Harlequins7 - 13Weston
    Cardiff University15 - 11Bristol University
    Marlborough3 - 15Newton Abb. II
    Bristol University14 - 7Wroughton
    Bradford-on-Avon3 - 13Bristol Central II
    Frome7 - 7Weston
    Bristol Central II15 - 2Harlequins
    Cardiff University19 - 6Wroughton
    Harlequins5 - 9Wroughton
    Wroughton11 - 12Bristol Central II
    Frome6 - 11Wroughton
    Weston7 - 10Newton Abb. II
    Harlequins7 - 16Cheltenham II
    Wroughton18 - 4Bradford-on-Avon
    Frome19 - 4Bristol Central II
    Harlequins4 - 10Newton Abb. II
    Wroughton17 - 8Frome
    Bradford-on-Avon10 - 9Newton Abb. II
    Frome3 - 4Bristol University
    Wroughton - Bristol University
    Cardiff University - Newton Abb. II
    Marlborough1 - 21Bradford-on-Avon
    Bristol University10 - 6Weston
    Frome9 - 7Cardiff University
    Cardiff University18 - 6Harlequins
    Marlborough7 - 16Bristol University
    Bradford-on-Avon2 - 8Bristol University
    Frome12 - 10Cheltenham II
    Weston15 - 6Marlborough
    Wroughton12 - 14Cardiff University
    Bristol Central II - Newton Abb. II
    Marlborough3 - 20Cheltenham II
    Bristol University15 - 9Frome
    Harlequins6 - 17Bristol Central II
    Bristol University - Marlborough
    Wroughton - Weston
    Bristol Central II - Cardiff University
    Cheltenham II21 - 3Newton Abb. II
    Bristol University16 - 4Bristol Central II
    Bradford-on-Avon7 - 7Weston
    Newton Abb. II12 - 19Bristol University
    Wroughton - Cheltenham II
    Cardiff University20 - 3Bradford-on-Avon
    Marlborough5 - 24Bristol Central II
    Bristol University - Newton Abb. II
    Bradford-on-Avon - Wroughton
    Cardiff University9 - 7Bristol Central II
    Newton Abb. II11 - 1Harlequins
    Cardiff University16 - 2Frome
    Marlborough6 - 8Weston
    Cheltenham II27 - 5Weston
    Newton Abb. II - Cardiff University
    Bristol Central II - Cheltenham II
    Harlequins3 - 5Frome
    Newton Abb. II - Cheltenham II
    Cardiff University - Marlborough
    Cheltenham II19 - 6Wroughton
    Newton Abb. II - Bradford-on-Avon
    Wroughton - Newton Abb. II
    Marlborough - Frome
    Cheltenham II - Harlequins
    Cheltenham II - Frome
    Bristol Central II - Marlborough
    Wroughton - Marlborough
    Frome - Bradford-on-Avon
    Wroughton - Harlequins
    Bristol Central II - Frome
    Bristol Central II - Wroughton
    Newton Abb. II - Frome
    Weston - Cheltenham II
    Marlborough - Harlequins
    Cheltenham II - Bradford-on-Avon
    Weston - Wroughton
    Marlborough - Wroughton
    Newton Abb. II - Bristol Central II
    Cheltenham II - Bristol Central II
    Newton Abb. II - Wroughton
    Weston - Bradford-on-Avon
    Bristol Central II - Bradford-on-Avon
    Newton Abb. II - Weston
    Weston - Harlequins
    Newton Abb. II - Marlborough
    Weston - Bristol Central II
    Bradford-on-Avon - Marlborough
    Harlequins - Marlborough
    Bradford-on-Avon - Cheltenham II
    Weston - Frome
    Bristol Central II - Weston
    Frome - Harlequins
    Marlborough - Cardiff University
    Bradford-on-Avon - Frome
    Harlequins - Cardiff University
    <a title='Date: 08/10/04